Public Safety Around Dams

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In Ontario there are more than 200 waterpower (hydroelectric) facilities in operation and more than 500 dams associated with these facilities. Additionally, there are more than 2,000 other dams in the province which are used for flood control, irrigation and navigation. These dams are owned by municipalities, Conservation Authorities, private landowners, other industries and the province.

Waterpower facilities are often operated remotely from another location and may have frequent and substantial changes in flows and levels. Sudden unexpected changes can have a direct effect on your personal safety.

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Public Safety Around Dams Signage

In August 2011, the Province of Ontario (Ministry of Natural Resources) posted a decision notice on the Environmental Registry updating the Ontario dam safety standards and technical guidelines. The policy decision notice announces the release of the Administrative Guide for the Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act and the series of technical bulletins and best management practices. The ER decision notice can be accessed by going to the link and searching the Registry Number 011-1306.

In support of rolling out the new guidelines, MNR has developed a new website where the Lakes and River Improvement Act Administrative Guide, Technical Bulletins and Best Management Practices are posted for public information. These documents can be accessed online by downloading them from

The Canadian Dam Association publication Guidelines for Public Safety Around Dams, 2011 provides a comprehensive risk management and mitigation approach to public safety around dams, and contains technical bulletins on signage, booms and buoys, and audible and visual signals. It supports CDA’s Dam Safety Guidelines 2007 and the companion series of Technical Bulletins. They are available for purchase on the CDA website. It is suggested that the guidelines and technical bulletins be consulted prior to determining the number of signs to be placed at a facility and/or with respect to sign installation. The OWA assumes no responsibility with respect to the owner’s placement or number of signs.

Each order must reference the facility for which the signage is to be used to ensure the correct contact information be listed on the bottom protected space of the sign(s).